Priyanka Chopra Wants a Desi Boy

Sexy Priyanka Chopra Wants a Desi BoyActress Priyanka Chopra says she's a true desi girl and, it seems, she is on the lookout for a desi boy!
Poor Gerard, probably he will have to look elsewhere for love because it's not firangi but, desi that makes this girl's world go round. In an interview to a film magazine,Priyanka talked about love in all its forms — firangi, desi and even neighbourly. Insisting that she and Hollywood star Gerard Butler were just good friends, Priyanka said it's not firangi love that she's looking for. "I'm a true desi girl," she says. And is this desi girl on the look out for a desi boy? "It's definitely a desi boy for me all the way." So does 'Kameeney' co-star Shahid Kapoor fit into Priyanka's mould? Rumour has it that the two have been dating for some time now. "I have never spoken about my personal life," she says. Interesting choice of words there piggy chops, a simple yes or no would have been good! Piggy chops and Shahid live in the same building and happen to be neighbours. Does she follow the biblical saying "love thy neighbour"? "I actually don't," claims Priyanka. Then what about the saying: "Good fences make good neighbours"? "I don't know about that.
We are good neighbours but we are hardly in that building," she clarifies again. Looks like this desi girl wants to keep the secrets about her desi boy all to herself!
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