Saif Ali Khan held auditions on the streets

To find a perfect blonde stunner for an important role in his film 'Love Aaj Kal', Saif Ali Khan held auditions on the streets of San Francisco. What would a producer not do to get a perfect cast for his film? Saif, who's turning producer with 'Love Aaj Kal', literally went an extra mile on the roads of San Francisco to hunt for that elusive blonde that his casting director couldn't find in the US. Director Imtiaz Ali and producer Saif did not anticipate that finding a blonde actress would be such a Herculean task in a country like the US. But the casting agent from the US failed to come up with a nice girl whom Imtiaz could approve of.
With the clock ticking and only three days remaining for the shoot, Saif and Imtiaz resorted to desperate measures and decided to conduct road auditions. Still the duocould not find the girl they were looking for. Then someone from the crew noticed a girl outside a nightclub and suggested her name (Luna Livinsky) to Imitiaz. The director liked her instantly and to his relief the gal was game for acting in a Bollywood movie. So, there she was, on the sets of the film, shooting the very next day.
Luna is a 23-year-old girl born to hippie parents and is making her debut with 'Love Aaj Kal'. The movie also has another blonde, British model Florence Brudenell Bruce, who plays Saif's British girlfriend.
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