Shahid fumes over comment on Priyanka

Shahid fumes over comment on PriyankaA cheap comment on Priyanka Chopra by a radio jockey made Shahid Kapoor lose his cool.
Dare anyone say a thing derogatory about Priyanka in front of Shahid or director Vishal Bharadwaj. The actordirector duo was promoting their film 'Kaminey' on a radio channel when the chat spun out of control. It happened that while speaking about his experience of working in the movie, Shahid said that the first half of the shoot was boring and dull because it involved only men. “But when Priyanka came in, it was a breath of fresh air. There was chatter and laughter. The mood became very light and she made work fun for everybody,” Shahid reportedly told the RJ. Hearing this, the RJ reportedly said it must have been very difficult for Priyanka “to satisfy so many men on the sets”.
This crude remark by the RJ shocked both Shahid and Vishal. They lost their cool and threatened to walk out of the show. But the radio channel folks apologised for the RJ's remark, deleted the recording, and persuaded the duo to complete the interview.
Though Shahid and Vishal completed the interview, their responses to the questions by the RJ were monosyllabic.
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